Following horizon – Eng (ongoing)

The story about… well, it’s hard to explain.

Pierre always wanted to sing. And he goes to his dream. In his own ways…

Sausage Smith always wanted to bake. And he goes to his dream. Baking bread on a pirate ship is not an easy task, but it doesn’t matter for him…

An incomprehensible girl from the bottom of the ocean with a name difficult to pronounce… uh, I don’t understand what she wants… But… We are sure that she has a dream too! .. And she goes to her dream!

What unites these people? Following dreams? Haha, no! All of them are implicated in a “palace revolution”: Two Kings of the seas and lands were kidnapped, and if they do not return to the throne by the next new year, then… well, everything will be veeeery bad… Three of our “heroes” went searching for Two Kings, and they have reasons – for the one who will save the Kings the fulfilment of any desire is granted, even the most impossible…

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